Tuesday, April 13, 2010


DAY 15

  • This morning's weight:      237.4       
  • Fasting Blood Sugar:           134             
  • Breakfast:                                               
       2 eggs
       1 small handful of tostado chips
       2 green onions
       2 strips of crispy bacon
       1 Roma tomato, diced
       2 tblsp salsa
       splash of EVOO and viola! Migas.
  • Activities:
       Several trips to Walmart and Home Depot
       Dismantling and sanding
       Cutting and staining
  • Lunch: Noon
       Leftover tossed salad and vinegar & oil dressing
  • Activities:
        Swept garage and patio       
        Moping (That's pronounced with a long "O". There are 2 "Ps" in mopping - get a clue.) 
  • Dinner:
         You're not going to believe this:
         BAR NUTS - I got this recipe from a Food Network show,
          The Best Thing I Ever Ate, 
               Walnuts, Cashews, Pecans, Almonds - toast w/ Rosemary
               Toss with brown sugar, cayenne pepper and butter
          I ate so many, I decided it was dinner.
  • Snack:
        Fat-free Cottage Cheese
        Ruby Red Grapefruit segments
         I began work today on another devotional, this one on "Discipline." It was recommended by my wife. She sent me a devotional she had read online. Of course, last Sunday's sermon was on discipline as well. When I went online to get the definition, I got a pop-up ad for a set of 6 CDs on "Self-Discipline," with a special $1.00 thirty-day introductory offer. If I'm not satisfied I can return them and get my $1.00 back! During the check-out portion of ordering  the CD's online, my computer froze and failed to respond. Was it God telling me not to spend the $39.95 (and that was half-price) but to listen to His Word and become self-disciplined? The online marketing company lost the sale. Look for my new post on Discipline at the "From Where I Sit" blog listed on the right side of this page. It should be posted by this afternoon. If not, maybe God will give me my $1.00 back.

              The restoration of my sister's charcoal grille is what I got accomplished today. It was a labor of love and God's proof to me that I could finish what I started. Now, I just need to apply that to my writing and my weight-loss program.

         My overall grade for today: C with a bullet!

         How did you do?        

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