Tuesday, April 6, 2010



  • This morning's weight:      238.8    
  • Fasting Blood Sugar:           74            
  • Breakfast:                                               
       2 egsg
       1 slice whole wheat toast (1 tsp Promise)
       1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese w/ruby red grapefruit segments
       1 cup skim milk
       2 cups coffee (no additives)
  • Activities:
       Shopping @ Barnes & Noble
       Bought gas for the lawn mower 
       Shopping @ Albertson's
  • Snack: 
       Pretzel crackers & Peanut Butter                                               
  • Activities:
        Started newly purchased book, "1 Year to an Organized Work Life"
        Thought about mowing the yard—maybe tomorrow

  • Lunch: 4:00pm
       Reuben Sandwich (from scratch)
       (Boiled then roasted corned beef brisket)
       Toasted Russian Rye Bread
       Thousand Island Dressing
       2 Slices Swiss Cheese
       3 Tblsp Crispy Sauerkraut
       1 Tblsp Ground Mustard
       2 Zesty Dill Spears
  • Activities:
       Well I didn't think I'd do it, but I got up and walked. 
       How far? 1 nitroglycerin tablet—that far.
    • Snack:
           Microwave Popcorn
      • Activities
             Castle and The Good Wife
             Same kind of different as me until I fall asleep
             As of this morning I have lost 7.7 pounds and I'm just starting the 8th day of my diet. Today I ate my first red meat in a week. And, unless I do some significant activity today, I don't think today will result in any additional weight loss. 

             Today didn't go as planned. But, I survived and came back strong by the end of it. I must say that I am really beginning to feel the love. Some have really encouraged me. Others I've heard are watching. It is truly amazing how many things God has shown me, how many people he has put in my path. And the bumps in the road, they're there for me to reach out and grab His hand and He lifts me and carries me over them.

             My overall grade for today: B+ (If you grade on the curve.)

             How did you do?  (I am beginning to wonder if anybody reads down to this part because no one has let me know how they're doing. They just ask how I'm doing. I really want to hear from you—How are you doing?       

        1 comment:

        1. I read that far! Im doing good, I think. The boys and I walked 3 miles yesterday before Dave got home...We have a 1 1/2 mile track right by our house. I could have kept going if the blister on my foot from the last time didnt split. Thought my toe may fall off. =) I'm pushing thru and if anything, I can say I'm definitely sleeping better.
          You are doing awesome...and we need those days of rest even when we are trying to change. Even God took a day of rest. Keep up the good work!