Thursday, April 15, 2010


DAY 17

  • This morning's weight:      235.2      
  • Fasting Blood Sugar:           75            
  • Breakfast:                                               
       Honey Nut Cheerios - no milk, it's bad!
       A small handful of Strawberries
       2 cups coffee (no additives)
  • Activities:
       Took out trash
       Made bed
       Took shower, shaved
             Can you tell my honey's coming tonight?
  • Lunch: 12:30pm
       Vegetable beef soup
              from leftover roast/potatoes/carrots
              and add the green beans sans almonds
  • Activities:
       Last minute grocery shopping - fresh milk
       Crystal Light and spinach
       Fill my sister's SUV with gas so we can trek 
       across the mountain to see Liz's brother.
  • Snack:
       Handful of pistachio nuts
  • Activities
       Fed the dogs and cleaned the fish bowl -
                                                       everything's ready for Liz's arrival.

     From the moment I got up this morning I haven't been able to think of anything else but Liz's arrival tonight. She wasn't too crazy about me leaving home for a month. She at least saw it as something I needed to do to help my sister out of a bind but I have worked very hard to create other positive results of spending my time here without her. 
     I am healthier now, having lost almost 12 pounds since I left San Antonio two weeks ago. And I am capable of walking 2 or 3 miles at a good pace without the need for one or more nitroglycerin tablets. I have read one book in its entirety and parts of two others. I have written two devotionals. (I should have written at least 10-12 by now.) And when she leaves after this weekend I promise to bear down and finish my fourth rewrite of  Finding the Lost One before my sister returns from England. 

     I hope to be able to report some positive things that have occurred for her during this time away from each other. (And not that she and her attorney have completed an inventory of all the assets and the papers are ready for me to sign.)

     Pardon me if I don't thoroughly document the next several days. I will keep you posted to some extent, but I think I will wait until Monday to recap the weekend. I know you will be on pins and needles.

     My overall grade for today: A

     How did you do?        


  1. My favorite part of this is the part where you said:
    "From the moment I got up this morning I haven't been able to think of anything else but Liz's arrival tonight".

    How sweet. :o)

  2. Well, Im here waiting on pins and needles! Where are ya!?