Friday, April 9, 2010


DAY 11

  • This morning's weight:      238      
  • Fasting Blood Sugar:           98             
  • Breakfast:                                               
       2 eggs
       2 Frozen Waffles
       1 1/2 cup Skim Milk
       2 cups coffee (no additives)
  • Activities:
       Fixed broken latch on front screen door
       Walked to Dollar General to buy a wood rasp, nope...
       Walked back and drove to Home Depot, Isle 6
       Drove to Eastside Meat Market, got Spare Ribs and Short Ribs
       To Albertson's, got Beef Kiobasa Sausage, Corn on the Cobb,
            Corn bread muffin mix, Bacon for the Pinto Beans, Potatoes
            for the Potato Salad, Eggs for the Deviled Eggs, Peaches for
            the Peach Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream for the top, Serrano Chiles
            for my homemade salsa, Avocados for the Guacamole
             — did I forget anything for the BBQ Dinner Sunday Night?
  • Snack: 
       Kashi Trail Mix bar                                                 
  • Activities:
        Fixed sticky front door
        Art called with the great news he and Joan are now grandparents
        Claudia stopped by and took pictures of the remaining flowers in
             the garden before they're all gone.
  • Lunch: 5:00pm
       Tuna fish sandwich on the new thin Sandwich Rounds
       10 Potato Chips (It's either eat 'em or toss 'em...)
       1/2 avocaado
  • Activities:
       45 min. watching Castle (fstfwrd past commercials)
       Another chapter of same kind of different...
  • Snack:
       1/2 cup tuna salad
       saltine crackers
       2% milk 1 cup
  • Activities
  • Blood Sugar before dinner: N/A
  • Dinner:
  • Activities:
  • Snack:

     Grandchildren have been one of the best blessings God has given me. Last night I made reservations for Caedmon (Buddy) to fly to San Antonio for 3 weeks this summer. Being only 11, I must pay an additional fee for an "accompanied minor." Delta now charges an additional $100 each way to permit Buddy to fly by himself. It would have only cost $50 to check him as luggage. In the final analysis, he's worth it!
     Here is a picture of Art Snow new granddaughter, Chloe Otto, born yesterday in Zug, Switzerland to Sarah and Eric Otto. Lucky Joan, Art's wife and now also a grandmother, got to be present for the birth.

     Yesterday was the first red meat on my diet. The first potatoes, with the exception of a few chips. The first banana cream pie, albeit just a bite. And, there was a small amount of butter used in toasting the almonds. Oh yeah, there was a very tiny piece of French Bread — very tiny and no butter.

     Tomorrow morning I expect the scale to give me the good news I deserve for the control I have exercised today. 

     My overall grade for today: A

     How did you do?        

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