Friday, April 2, 2010



  • This morning's weight:      241.6  
  • Fasting Blood Sugar:           70             
  • Breakfast:                                               
          Mediterranean Breakfast Taco
          whole wheat tortilla
          1/3 cup kidney beans
          1/2 diced tomato
          chopped green onion
          1 egg
          fresh grated Parmesan cheese
  • Activities:
       Pickup limbs left from wind storm 
       Skyping my sister in England
  • Lunch: 3:00pm
       Pan seared/Baked stuffed chicken breast
            chopped mushrooms
            chopped green onions
            chopped celery
            chopped 1 slice dry toasted whole wheat
            1/2  raw egg
            1/3 cup chicken stock
       Baby Peas
       Red onion and tomato salad w/ red wine vinaigrette 
  • Activities:
       Are you kidding? Cleaning the kitchen of course
       Putting new memory stick in computer
  • Snack:
       Nature Valley Peanut Bar
       Small handful of whole almonds
  • Activities
      Create blog

  • Dinner:

         It's 7:15 and I'm going to go for a walk and finish this part of
         my blog later. You can skip down to "My Thoughts if you like. I'll
        be back later..."
  • Activities:
       Walked to the convenience store and back - 2miles
       They say pork skins have no calories, right?
  • Snack:
       1/8 bag of pork skins - 80 calories, 5 grams fat (oops...)
       1/2 cup Heartland Low Fat Raisin Granola Cereal - 200 calories!
       1 cup 2% milk - 80 calories
       3 large strawberries
       So shoot me! This was in place of dinner!
         I owe all my family, friends and others that may have read yesterday's blog a huge apology. I guess I was a little overly dramatic concerning my feelings of abandonment, dire loneliness and deep depression. Hey, I love people. I enjoy their company and more than anything else in the whole world I love to be listened to. I am finding the next best thing to being listened to is being read. When I was a kid my favorite phrase was "watch this." Yes, I loved being watched too.
         So, I'm sorry for my whining and complaining. Please forgive me—and, if you can't find it in your heart to forgive me, please tolerate me. Tolerate me and keep reading.

         I discovered last night that I wasn't really alone or abandoned. All this time God was patiently next to me waiting for me to turn to Him. All this time He wanted to talk to me. Not so much listen, because He too wished I'd quit complaining. He desired for me to spend time enjoying His company. And I did.

         My overall grade for today: A+

         How did you do?        

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