Wednesday, March 31, 2010



  • This morning's weight:      244.0        
  • Fasting Blood Sugar:           N/A             
  • Breakfast:                                               
       1 cup Great Grains
       1 cup 2% milk
       3 fresh strawberries
       2 cups coffee (no additives)
  • Activities:
       Work on blog
       Feed Huckleberry (the fish)
       Treats for Willow and Cricket
       Get the paper
       Good Morning America (I miss Diane)
  • Snack: 
       Small fruit cup from Chick Fil-A                                                 
  • Activities:
        Mall walked 2 miles with brother-in-law, Lee

  • Lunch: 1:00pm
       Chinese Fastfood @ the mall
       Mixed veggies - broccoli/cabbage/carrots
       Lo Mein noodles
  • Activities:
       Cranked up classical music and napped
       (Had intended to read but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
       Prepared my favorite chicken salad:
            2 cups shredded rotisserie chciken
            1/2 cup chopped peeled green apple
            1/2 cup chopped walnuts
            1/2 cup chopped celery
            1/3 cup sliced red seedless grapes
            2 chopped green onion
            2 tblsp mayo (light if you got it - I didn't)
            2 tblsp E.V.O.O. (if you don't know, ask Rachael)
            1 tsp brown mustard
            Season to taste
            1 small avocado
            1 small tomato
            1 small wedge iceberg
                   (salt & pepper and drizzle E.V.O.O.)
             Stoneground sesame crackers
             Crystal Light Lemonade
  • INTERLUDE: Now I'm stuffed with dishes to clean, but it was worth it. Now to feed the dogs and maybe do a little reading. I am not comfortable with the way things are set-up to do my writing. I am spoiled by my wireless keyboard I left at home. I guess I will have to transfer files to my sister's computer and work on it. 
  • Snack:
           Boiled shrimp w/ cocktail sauce
           saltine crackers

     The best thing about today was meeting brother-in-law Lee at the mall. Human contact! The communication between adult human beings is so much more than the communication between two spoiled Chihuahuas. Oh, you can talk to them if you want. I wonder if they understand my conversation any better than I understand their wagging tails and screeching barks? And, more importantly, they don't seem keen on listening. But then I am not sure if brother-in-law Lee was keen on listening to me blasting him with my incessant orations. I was so glad to be actually heard and understood. I don't remember if I even listened for his responses. Did he actually talk or was he just listening?
     This blog has become my instrument for reaching out for human contact. I spend way too much time thinking about writing it and then planning to write, and then actually writing. What happened to the list of important tasks I actually wanted to accomplish?

     I got my test strips in the mail today for my glucometer. That is the reason for my "N/A" response to entering my blood sugar levels. I had only 2 strips with me when I got here. I realize now that fresh fruit can really affect your blood sugar, even though it appears and feels healthy. I am learning now that volume supersedes content. Not that what you eat isn't important but you can't stuff your face with chicken salad and expect to lose weight. You can get and stay fat eating too much healthy food!

     My overall grade for today: B+

     How did you do?        

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  1. Hey John, looks like things are going good so far. Congrats! I am excited about your journey. Hey, it is hard to read with lines through the words.