Tuesday, April 27, 2010


DAY 29

  • This morning's weight:      231.4      
  • Fasting Blood Sugar:           124            
  • Breakfast:                                               
       2 frozen waffles
       1 banana sliced
       2 tblsp Promise (yuck!)
       2 tblsp Sugar-free Maple Syrup
       1/4 cup chopped pecans 
  • Activities:
       Re-write, re-write - up thru Chapter 12!
  • Lunch: 11:30 am
       Left-over Tuna Salad
       Stone Ground Whole Wheat Crackers
  • Activities:
       Final Laundry
       Tracked my sister's flight from London to DFW on the computer - neat!
  • Dinner:

     I spent most of the day watching the computer screen as my sister's flight, American #81, moved slowly across the globe, crossing Ireland, across the North Sea, clipping the edge of Greenland then Nova Scotia, across to the great lakes and down across Chicago and finally to DFW. At that point you can change the screen to one very similar to the air traffic controller's screen and watch all the airline jockey for position and come in to three different runways, all the while departing planes are interspersed. Really neat. You can put the Google aerial photograph map in the background and actually see the runways. Once on the ground, the reference disappears.

     Now as I write this, she is waiting in DFW to depart for El Paso in about 20 minutes. Then she has an hour and 20 minute flight home. 

     I just got a call from Justin and Kara is still under the weather. I am on my own for dinner tonight. I have already made a tossed green salad along with a rosemary grilled chicken breast for Gayle to have when she gets home. Arriving at after 8pm, it is really too late to go out to dinner, so I guess I will wait and split the salad with her for dinner.

     I have washed all my clothes and only have the sheets to strip from the bed in the morning and my bath towel. The house is spic 'n span, the yard is watered, the trash out, the dogs feed and I even washed and towel dried her car today. I am perhaps the greatest housesitter of all times!

     My overall grade for today: A+

     How did you do?        

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